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What the Sean Bolan's 

experience is all about...


Whether you're Irish by desire or Irish by heritage, you'll surely get a little Irish in you through good Food and Drink, along with a warm Smile at Sean Bolan's Irish Pub & Restaurant.


We attribute our namesake and friendly, at-home atmosphere to our roots in Co. Tipperary, Ireland.


From our bar that greets you with a "perfect Pint" just inside our front door, to our upstairs dining room, you'll find dark wood trim, a gallery of vintage Irish "Brick-A-Brac" and the warmth of Irish music intermingled with laughter and friendly conversations...

And then there's our menu!


Choose from Irish culinary traditions such as...


Irish Stew... Bangers and Mash... Shepherd's Pie... and Fish and chips. Or, dig into our Chef's creations like Gaelic Pan-Seared Steak accented with a Jameson Mushroom Cream Sauce... Grilled Herb Chicken that's delicately seasoned with Rosemary and Thyme... Or, select our Fresh Catch of the Day.


C'mon! Get a little Irish in you! Your NEW friends await you at the one and only


Sean Bolan's Irish Pub and Restaurant.

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